Sunday, December 4, 2016

23 months!

Every month I type in a new age and am amazed and horrified by how big my kids are getting and this month is no different!  How is Vivien almost 2?  I really don't know!

Vivien is talking so much now.  She makes tons of short 3-4 word sentences about whatever is going on or whatever she needs.  Her new favorite this past month was "Get it NOW."  When she wants us to do something, she grabs our arm and pulls hard while saying "Come on!"  This month she has also been singing songs and theme songs to her favorite shows.  She loves Heigh Ho the Dairy-O and the Bob the Builder and Thomas theme songs.  It's super cute to hear her singing!

Vivien learned how to climb over the gate at the bottom of our stairs this month, from watching Ryder do it all the time I'm sure!  Rather than have her precariously climbing over the gate, we took it down.  Now going up and down the stairs is her favorite thing.  It's amazing how much things are more fun when done on the stairs, such as eating or drinking milk.

Now that she's a little older, Vivien loves to play with more of the toys.  Play-doh is her new favorite.  She and Ryder can sit at the table for at least a half an hour cutting it all up and smooshing it together.  She loves to do markers and stickers too, but mostly the marker seems to end up on her.  And black is her favorite color, so it's a bit of a pain to get off!

Our little independent girl loves to dress herself and she definitely has her own ideas on what she wants to wear.  It's not hard to get her to get dressed in the am before school, but other times of day she wants to pick out her clothes and change them.  She has a certain favorite pair of pants and whenever she sees them, off her current pants go and those purple fleece ones go on!  She feels the same way about shoes- her preference is flip-flops, so she only gets to wear those in the house at this time of year!

No socks = happy Vivi

Cutie pie

Playing hide and seek

She loves the stairs

Getting tickled by Ryder

She's so big!

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