Tuesday, January 31, 2017

25 months!

Vivi is really talking up a storm now!  The best thing that she said this month was "I love you!"  When I'm changing her, she loves to give me a big hug right in the middle, which I love because I get to feel and smell that soft baby skin.  One day when that was happening, she exclaimed, "I love you!" out of the blue.  She has said it before, but only after I have said it to her, this was the first time she said it on her own.

Her favorite toy nowadays is Play-doh.  Almost every day since Christmas, when she got a bunch of presents to replenish her stock, we have been playing once or twice a day.  We make balls and snakes, squish it through extruders, roll it out and cut out shapes, or sometimes just squish it in our hands!  It is nearly endless play for Vivi and Ryder and they are actually pretty good at sharing it; as long as each color is cut in half, everyone seems pretty happy.

Vivien has finally taken real interest in books over the past few months.  She really loves Sandra Boynton's silly board books; in fact she sleeps with a few of them.  She still doesn't like to sit through long books, but she has several favorite board books.  She doesn't always want us to read them to her, sometimes she likes to read them to herself- "I do it!"

Vivi loves outdoor adventures; she never turns one down.  If you ask her to go for a walk, to go out in the yard, to go for a hike, anything outdoors and she is up for it.  She usually immediately gets her coat and hat and boots.  Unfortunately, she is little and has short legs and small lungs, so usually after a few minutes she says "Carry you!"  which means she wants us to carry her.  She really does love exploring and climbing and having adventures though, so we love that.

She loves that beanbag!

Getting out the Play-doh tools

Really focused on making stuff

Couldn't even get her to look up

She finally looked up, to show me her Play-doh

What a cutie

Look ma, two colors!

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