Friday, March 3, 2017

46 months!

This past month included Christmas, which was probably close to peak excitement for Ryder this year.  He knew exactly what was happening and when!  Just like last year, we did a Christmas Countdown activity, so he really knew exactly when Christmas was coming.  He woke up at his usual time on Christmas morning, 7 ish and right away asked if Santa had come.  I ran down to turn the lights on and then he came to the stairs.  He came down a step or two and peeked.  Then he screamed in excitement and jumped back upstairs.  He came down slowly, pretty sure but not 100% positive what was going on in the living room!

He had an absolute blast opening his presents.  He and Vivi started with their stocking while they sat on the bean bag chairs that Santa had left for them.  First things first, he had to eat a truffle and drink his juice box- both rare treats here!  Once that was done the opening commenced for real.  He was opening and playing and opening and playing for quite some time.  Then they played until we went to Meme's and opened some more presents and had lunch.  Ryder was beyond thrilled with all of his fire fighting presents.  The Playmobil guys and gear have such a fine level of detail and Ryder was ecstatic with all of the little pieces and bits for his fire fighters.

Vacation week was a ton of fun, it was all playing all the time!  We took the kids out to do things, but mostly Ryder was thrilled to play with his new toys by the fire.  Janda set up a rope swing in the side yard that used the climbing harnesses that the kids got for Christmas.  Ryder was the only one who would even try at first- he is such a daredevil!  He loved it when Janda would haul him up to a super high branch in our tree and then swing him or do a parachute drop!

We had been having a little difficulty at bedtime when Ryder yelling for me would disturb Vivien, so we moved the baby monitor into his room.  Now he knows that we have a way to communicate without yelling!  When he needs something he calls out "Mommy, come on the monitor!"  It is the cutest thing!  Usually he wants me to come up, but now I can tell him that he needs to wait til Vivi is asleep since it disturbs her.  Half the time he waits quietly and the other half he falls asleep waiting!

Climbing up the outside of the staircase is fire fighter training around here!

Just doing some work on the house

Luckily he got some band-aids from Santa for Christmas!

Both kids love playing with play-doh

This cutie needs a haircut- he insists that he "likes it in his eyes!"

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