Wednesday, May 10, 2017

28 months!

Vivien is still the sweetest little mama's girl in the world, but she has started throwing temper tantrums.  This is a lot earlier than Ryder, I feel like, but she has been watching Ryder throw them for a year...  She does the typical yelling and crying and she also goes limp in your arms when you try to pick her up or console her.  It doesn't take very long to distract her or comfort her, though, so it's not that bad.  Once she's been comforted and has stopped crying loudly, then she holds on to my neck for dear life and buries her face in my shoulder.

It is crazy how much she talks now and most of it is comprehensible.  She does have her moments where we can't understand a word of what she has said and we just smile and nod!  My favorite phrase this month is "I love you so much," which she says fairly frequently.  She especially lavishes me with love when I come to pick her up after school.

The past month two new molars erupted, so there were quite a few nights where she woke up in the middle of the night and slept with us.  Thank goodness she is much better to sleep with than she used to be.  Now she just settles in between us and puts and arm or a leg on me and sleeps through the rest of the night.

At some point in the past month we found a bottle of bubble bath that had been gifted to us ages ago and now bubble baths are Vivi's favorite.  She already loved bathtime funtime and now she loves it even more.  If you even mention bath time, within minutes Vivi is in the bathroom getting ready! 

Vivi loves to play outside and now that the weather is better, she asks to go outside constantly.  Her current favorite thing outside is the mud puddle in our driveway.  The minute it rains and starts to fill back up, she's over there poking the mud with a stick, burying toys in there and even sitting in it! 

This goofy girl rarely just sits still

What a sweet little face

She's always good for a big smile!

Being silly

A good jump but a blurry photo!  :(

Exploring the great outdoors

Now that's a walk with a purpose

Examining something she found

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