Monday, June 19, 2017

29 Months!

Spring is finally in full effect here and Vivi is loving it.  She wants to go outside all the time!  When we go outside to get in the car before work in the morning she and Ryder run right out to play in the yard and neighborhood.  They chase all the bunnies out of the yards and instantly start playing in the numerous puddles that pop  up in the potholes on our street.

Vivi has been eating up a storm this month.  Shortly after breakfast, she is already requesting her lunch!  She is eating more than Ryder right now, not at every meal, but overall definitely.  She still loves bananas and apples, but doesn't really like many other fruits.  She does eat a wide variety of foods though; she eats pasta dishes and soups and tacos/burritos with all kinds of different vegetables and flavors in them.  Tacos and meatballs are the overwhelming favorites at this point.

One night this month Janda was out for the evening at a baseball game and by some small miracle, I got the kids ready for bed and all tucked in by 8.  A few minutes later, I hear Vivi yelling to Ryder from the next room.  All of a sudden I hear Vivi say "I have a good idea" followed by a loud bang.  I hear a few other suspicious noises, so I went to investigate.  Unbeknownst to me, Ryder had snuck into Vivi's room and he had helped her out of the crib and now they were both on the stairs!  So, now Vivi can escape from her crib (but not her room which has a locked gate) but she hasn't really done it often.

The most fun thing that we did this month was take the commuter rail to Boston to go to the Public Gardens and see the ducks.  The train ride was an event in and of itself.  Vivi loved riding the train in and had a great time looking out the windows and testing out the different seats that were near us.  Once in Boston, we walked to the Common and had a picnic before riding the Swanboats and visiting the Make Way for Ducklings statues.  Considering all of the walking and excitement, Vivi was very well-behaved.  Of course, she slept almost the entire train ride home!

Enjoying the view

Amazed by the train car

On the swanboats

Feeding the ducks some leaves

Riding a duck

Sitting on a duck

Sitting on the Mama duck

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