Tuesday, December 5, 2017

35 Months!

November has been a fun month around here.  We had a long weekend and then Thanksgiving break to spend with the kids.  We all enjoyed the extra rest and the extra family time.

Vivien really seems to enjoy pre-school.  She sometimes says at night that she doesn't want to go the next day, but I think that she just wants to stay and play with me.  She doesn't cry when she goes to school and settles right in when she gets there.  She loves all of the activities that they do and according to Ryder she has made a friend.  The sweetest part of all is that for snack and circle time, when Ryder comes downstairs to her classroom, he always sits next to her!  

Vivi has really gotten into painting and has been painting several times a week lately.  She has always loved "activities" but she hasn't always been into the more independent art stuff.  Most of what she paints is blue!

At bedtime we read a book or two and her favorites lately have been the Curious George books.  If I'm reading a different book to Ryder, or sometimes just because she is so inclined, she "reads" the books to me.  It's quite cute and she tells a pretty good story based on the pictures.

Vivi's number one thing lately is doing everything herself.  She puts on all of her clothes, goes to the bathroom, gets food ready and cleans up all by herself.  The newest skill is being able to fully buckle herself into the carseat.  She does NOT like it when we try to help her.

Thanksgiving was very early this year, so we had a lot of Christmas decorating in November.  The morning after Thanksgiving these two kids were ready to go!  They started wearing their Christmas PJ's and getting the house decorated immediately!

Playing with Santa and a fossil

Still holding onto Santa

Love the crazy curls

Not hard to get a smile out of her

Some serious business being conducted here

Happy girl!

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