Friday, December 8, 2017

4 years + 8 months!

Halloween was great fun for Ryder this year.  He chose to be a fire fighter, using the costume that I had gotten him earlier this Fall.  He had a Halloween party at school and then he had trick-or-treating the next day.  He was very nervous to wear his costume to school; I assume that he wasn’t sure if other kids would be wearing theirs and didn’t want to be different.  He wore his fire fighter overalls tucked in to his boots, so they just looked like black pants and then he brought his jacket in his backpack.  Once he saw that other kids were dressed up, he pulled it all back out.  They had a costume parade and then a little party and games. 

Ryder loves trick-or-treating.  He loves getting candy, of course and he loves staying out so late.  The weather was not too cold this year, so it was easy to stay out!  When they were all tired out, we pulled them home in the wagon and they assessed their hauls.  After that, the candy went on the fridge to be carefully rationed out!

After Halloween was over, Ryder decided that we did not need the little decorative pumpkins anymore, so he took them to the kitchen, chopped them up and pretended to make a pie with them!  It was hysterical!  He got out a bowl and a butter knife and managed to cute the pumpkins into several large pieces.  Then he scooped the seeds out and chopped them into smaller pieces.  Finally he put them on a tray and put them in the oven to cook into pumpkin pie.

The day after Thanksgiving, Ryder was 100% ready to start getting ready for Christmas, even though Thanksgiving was super early this year!   There was absolutely no way that I was going to convince Ryder to wait til December 1st, so we took down the Fall decorations and got out the Christmas stuff that very day!  He also put his snowsuit on, pretended to make snow angels and made a snowman out of buckets and balls in the yard that day!  I guess that he was impatient for winter!!

Getting Santa out!

Trying to figure out these lights

Fooling around with them

Now he's got 2 sets

What a sweet kid

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