Sunday, October 14, 2007

This Week in Training

This week was so long and so busy that I don't even remember what I did at the beginning of the week! I haven't been keeping my usual log lately, since I'm in transition mode, so I have no idea what I did on Monday and Tuesday! At least one of those days was a 3 mile run.

Wednesday was Parent/Teacher Night, so I was at school from 7:15 til 9pm. I spent that day preparing for the speeches that I had to give to the parents and doing my homework for grad school.

Then on Thursday I had grad school, so I was at school from 7:15 til 3:45pm, then I drove to Cambridge and got that at 5:15, with just enough time to grab a snack, then I was in class from 5:30 to 7:30, after which I drove home, hit lots of traffic again and didn't get home until 8:30.

Each night last week I got a maximum of 6 hours of sleep, and on Thursday night about 4.5, so on Friday I was completely exhausted and didn't train, just took a nap. I did, however, do normal runs this weekend, although I was still tired.

1 mile warmup, drills & strides
3x3xflying 30's

.75 mile warmup, drills & strides
4x400 (60 sec recovery)
.75 mile cooldown

While I was at the track on Saturday wishing that I was taking a nap, I decided that I need to be a lot more strict about my bedtime. It's all fine and good to get 6 hours of sleep, but I can't do that if I want to train. This year is all about PR's, so I need to focus on my training, which means that I need to focus on sleeping enough so that I can actually train without yawning myself to death.

This next week, I will be on my regular schedule, the schedule that I will follow all through the winter:

Monday: easy run
Tuesday : Hard MaxV
Wednesday: easy tempo/weight training
Thursday: off-Grad school
Friday: easy run
Saturday: Hard speed/weight training
Sunday: Easy tempo

The focus of the workouts will change, but that will be my format. It will work especially well in the fall when it is harder to find track time.

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