Thursday, May 24, 2012

More landscaping and a garden update

We added some garden boxes and covered the landscape fabric with dirt.  Hopefully there will be grass there soon.  Although I'm way better at growing food than grass, so we'll see.

 The semi circles are just two layers of angled stones in a neutral, natural color.  We're getting some more stones to make our firepit this weekend.  Hopefully we'll be done with all the hard labor by the end of this weekend.

 The strawberries from Johnny's are doing well, although their garden needs some weeding.

 The beets and kohlrabi are coming along.

 Red and white onions surround super sugar snap peas climbing up upside down tomato cages.  Great idea for a pea teepee or fail in the making?

Broccoli and dill.
 Blacks beans popping up in front of shelling peas climbing up last year's snap pea trellis.

 What made me want to plant kohlrabi?  The color of course; if I can't have aqua veggies, at least I can have purple.  Purple kolhrabi, purple beans, purple carrots, purple(ish) tomatoes...  Next year spinach and basil?
 The shelling peas are flowering much more quickly than the snap peas.

The moment that every gardener looks forward to most in May?  It must be the first ripe strawberry.  This one will be ready by the weekend.  We've already gotten two from my mom's monster patch.  We have hearts of gold and let Emma eat both of them, and then she scoured the patch for more red ones.  She said and I qoute, "I'm going to eat all the strawberries!"  Having seen her eat strawberries before, I believe her!

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