Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Blizzard of '13

So the big blizzard plowed through New England this weekend, as forecasted.  We had yesterday off from school.  I think that we could have gone for a half day, as they had originally called, since the snow didn't get heavy til late afternoon, but Deval Patrick basically told schools to close in his press conference Thursday.  So we had a day off but no shoveling to do.  I did some cleaning and some seam ripping.

The storm was picking up in intensity starting mid-afternoon and the winds were howling by early evening.  Unfortunately those howling winds somehow knocked out power to the 7 houses on my street at 9:30 last night.  When we woke up this morning there was still no power (as we expected) and the house was chilly. Luckily we have a fireplace, so we built a fire this morning and the outage only lasted til mid-afternoon, so we're plenty warm now.

We went out mid-morning to shovel, but couldn't do too much because our road hadn't been plowed.  In fact, our road still hasn't been plowed as of 9 pm tonight.  There is a solid foot plus of snow on the entire road plus two places where there are drifts of 3 feet or higher.  I don't even know how they are going to plow the road and where they can put that snow since  we live on a dead end.  It will be interesting.

 The windows were plastered with snow in the am.

The back porch is hidden in a snowbank and the back door wouldn't open.

I got stuck in the snow bank next to the fence.

My car was in a snowbank.

The blanket of white was littered with bits of pine trees. 

The back yard was one big snowbank.   Our woodpile was mostly uncovered though- good thing since we used it to keep warm while we waited for the power to come back on.

Janda shoveling the steps; the front door was stuck shut too.

That's where the street normally is.  The snow bank at the bottom is up to the window of the first house on the street!

And we're still not plowed!

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