Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why didn't I do this sooner?

I bought some pants back in September from the outlets with the plan to turn them into maternity pants once I needed maternity pants. Since I"m in the 3rd trimester, obviously I've needed maternity pants for a while!  I still had a couple of pairs of non-maternity pants that I could wear in early December, but since then, I've been making do with one pair of work pants and one pair of jeans.  I have some skirts and dresses, so I wasn't wearing the same pants every single day!

After all that procrastinating, it took me about 45 minutes to turn both pairs into comfortable maternity pants.  Honestly.  I took some heavy duty, medium stretch white knit fabric from my stash and tried 2 methods of attaching.  For the brown pair, I cut a U in the front and filled it in with a U of fabric and on the black pair, I removed the waistband and replaced with a knit waistband.  Both styles are very comfortable, but I think that I cut the U on the brown pair too low.  I was being lazy and cut under the zipper instead of removing it first and cutting across it.  Oh well, I'll just wear long shirts with that pair.  I can also dye the white knit with some Rit dye if it's too noticeable.
The brown pair with the U and back waistband intact

The black pair with a new knit waistband

Wearing the brown pair at 28 weeks.  I look a little tired.  I wonder why?

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