Sunday, January 17, 2016

13 months!

Vivi's biggest milestone this month is drinking milk from a bottle!  I've been back to work for over 4 months and she is finally drinking from a bottle.  Until now all she would take were a few sips of water from a bottle, but now she's drinking the whole day's milk from a bottle.  Now we have to think about transitioning her to a sippy cup!

In addition to the 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth that are firmly established, a least one more bottom tooth, maybe 2 have poked through.  With all those teeth, she is very good now at biting her food and pretty much only eats fingers foods.  The only exception to that is yogurt or cereal with milk and I can tell she's itching to get that spoon in her own hand!  For the past couple of months, Vivien's appetite has been bigger than Ryder's!  She eats as much and occasionally more than he does.  She has been wolfing down pancakes and potatoes, plus all the clementines I will give her.

Vivien has a few words down pat now and is making new babbling sounds all the time.  She clearly says "mama" and "dada," as well as "bye-bye" and "all done."  Every morning when I leave her at my mom's she says "bye-bye" to me; once she sees me near the door she says it, sometimes even before I say "bye."  We're pretty sure that she is also saying "cat" and "no" now too. Mostly she says "no" to Ryder when he is pushing her or grabbing things from her- its pretty funny.

She is a super speedy crawler now, but she is ready to walk, even if her legs aren't quite there yet. She loves walking holding onto things or someone's hands and has just started trying to stand up on her own.  She has pushed herself up and away from things and been upright for a couple of seconds so far.

She and Ryder both have been very busy playing with all the new toys that they got for Christmas.  She loves all the musical toys and she really loves to play with whatever Ryder is playing with, not that he always appreciates that.  She still likes to be held a lot, especially if she's sick, hungry or tired, but she is usually happy to play on her own with her toys and Ryder for much longer now.

Much to everyone's relief, Vivien now sleeps through the night almost every night!  She goes to be between 6;30 and 7pm and sleeps 12 straight hours or until I wake her up.  She goes down to bed very nicely now with almost no crying and has settled into a 2 nap a day schedule with almost no crying then either.  We are all very happy to be getting more sleep!

Playing the triangle!

What a happy baby!

Oops, Ryder left his snack out and now Vivi is going to eat it!

Hey Mom, I lost a shoe!

Crawling around

Silly surprised face!

Ryder coaxed this beautiful smile out of her!

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