Tuesday, December 29, 2015

33 months!

This month was all about getting hyped up for Christmas and boy did it work!  The first day of December we started a Christmas Countdown calendar.  Each day Ryder glued a cotton ball onto Santa's beard and chose a Rudolph sticker to put up on his calendar and he got to take down a bag with a treat in it.  The first treat was a little bag of M&M's.  Ryder was soooo excited and then he kept saying "Santa is so nice!"  He got some candy, some hot cocoa, some popcorn (which he got to eat while watching a Santa movie) and some truck stamps.  They were all huge hits!

While doing this calendar with him, I discovered that he basically can recognize all of the numbers 0-9.  If I showed him the number, he could find it on Santa's beard or if I told him the number (for example, 17 is a 1 and a 7) he could also find it.

He helped with the decorating this year too.  He got to hang up all of the non-breakable items on the tree, which resulted in 4 snowflakes hanging on one branch, in one instance!  It was so cute.  He loves all of the Christmas lights and always asked for them to be turned on.  There is a road near us with loads of outside lights and he loves driving down it.  The second time we went he was literally exclaiming "Woohoo!" as we went and describing all of the things he was seeing.

Vivi's first birthday was this month and Ryder now totally understands what birthday parties are and was all about the cake!  He basically could not wait for the cake and asked almost constantly throughout the day.  He was also into her presents and has enjoyed the fact that she is very good at sharing!

His talking has continued to improve.  He talks a lot and I can almost always understand him.  He is starting to use adverbs more now: better, deeper, faster, higher, etc...  His sentences are definitely much more sophisticated than they were a couple of months ago.  Not bad for a boy who only knew a few dozen words at his second birthday!  His verbal skills have basically been snowballing since this summer.

He was very into stirring his hot cocoa today

No smile, but see that hot cocoa mustache?

"Cheese!" with a hot cocoa mustache

Always willing to ham for the camera if it involves jumpng

He stuck the landing ;)

"OK mom, no more photos!"

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