Tuesday, May 10, 2016

16 months!

Boy Spring has gotten the best of me this year.  I'm so behind on everything, including monthly updates!

This past month Vivien started the eating slowdown that her pediatrician warned us about.  It was a reasonably gradual change and before we knew it, she was only having a portion of the food she used to eat, but still drinking the same amount of milk.  She still loves clementines and bananas, but she hasn't been that interested in berries so far.  Pasta and pancakes are still huge hits, so at least we have that.

She is definitely firmly a walker now and only resorts to crawling to be funny or silly.  She is still getting the hang of balancing but little trips and mishaps don't bother her at all.  For a long time she has really loved sitting on the edge of things, like a step or a box, but recently she realized that she can sit on us the same way and often walks over to where we're sitting and has a seat right on our leg.

Vivien, of course, still loves playing with Ryder.  In the morning before school, I wake her up first and bring her in his room while he wakes up.  She loves to peek under the covers and just generally run around his room.  They play in his tent together and occasionally he lets her use some of his toys.

She is starting to make more sounds and words now, but mostly she's still focused on "mama," "dada" and "bye-bye."  She definitely tries to imitate and makes a few other sounds now, but there haven't been too many clear new words yet.  She has been getting molars, so maybe her mouth is busy!  She follows directions really well and obviously understands a lot of what we all say to her, so it's only a matter of time til she's chatting up a storm.
She loves trucks too!

A nice smile for Mom

Climbing up just like her brother!

Always having fun

Love this one

A walking machine

Why are you still taking my picture?

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