Friday, May 13, 2016

37 months!

It is amazing to me how different Ryder is now compared to a year ago.  He talks non-stop now, in complete, complex sentences.  Everything we do is narrated by a constant string of descriptions and occasional questions.

There is nothing that Ryder more loves than helping us.  He always happily jumps in when I am doing chores.  Many mornings when we are at home, I clean when Vivien naps and Ryder loves helping.  Dusting, vacuuming, washing things, picking up toys, even unloading the dishwasher are all chores that he helps with.  He absolutely loves cooking.  He helps makes breakfast every morning- whisking, stirring, sprinkling, pouring, flipping; he does it all.  He loves to help make any kind of food.  Whenever he sees us cooking anything, he drags the stool over to help.

Now that spring is back, he is loving being back outside every day.  Every day after school he likes to stay outside to play on the swingset, run around like crazy, ride his bike and take walks until the minute he has to go in for Vivi's dinner.  He has helped me in the yard a lot too, while we're out playing.  He helped me plant seeds and is loving watching them grow.  We go check out the seeds and the strawberry plants every day.

Everything here is still about the fire trucks.  He watches Fireman Sam, runs around putting out fires and pushes fire trucks around all day!

He is still/even more so "pushing his boundaries."  We know that this is a natural phase that all toddlers go through, but boy is it challenging if you are a parent!

He really is good at these photo shoots now!

What a smile!

What a sweet face

 And a funny one!

Someone crashed the shoot

So cute on the floor

Working hard and deep in thought

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