Thursday, June 2, 2016

17 Months!

Vivien is still eating less than she was a couple of months ago.  We're lucky if she eats one good meal a day; mostly she takes a few bites and that's that.  She has a few bites a few times a day and then drinking milk.  If she had it her way, she would take less of those bites and drink more milk!  She still loves bananas and potatoes especially, and will eat a few other fruits and vegetables sparingly.  So far she hasn't liked any berries; she just likes to smoosh them in her hand!

Vivien loves walking and climbing.  She has gotten continually more steady on her feet and now rarely falls.  She occasionally trips over little items but no big falls.  She loves climbing on everything- coffee table, Ryder's bed, the couch...  She climbs right up the tall and steep front steps of our house without looking back and goes right up the ladder to the clubhouse on our playset.

She is an interesting mix of attached and independent.  She has no problem, inside or out, playing by herself for quite some time.  When I go in the kitchen and leave her in the living room, she is upset for a few minutes and then finds something to play with and amuses herself.  She frequently wants me to hold her and carry her, but when she doesn't, she is off on her own exploring.

She is talking more and more.  She says "milk," "bird," "up," "wet," and "hot" among others.  She also mimics really well.  She can repeat longer sentences and phrases, without exactly saying the words that we're saying.  She chatters constantly and loves to talk to us.  She understands almost everything that we say and follows directions really well.  She loves to interact with us in any way really.  She loves to play "offer the food and then snatch the food away" and peekaboo.  She also really enjoys sitting on my lap and playing with my face and hair.

Climbing up on the table to look out the window

Smiling sweetly

She loves playing with our toys


Happy baby

Love that face!

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