Sunday, June 5, 2016

38 months!

Life with a three year old is pretty interesting.  It is mostly adorable, and a small sliver of totally insane!

Ryder is definitely fully entrenched in a boundary pushing phase.  He has run away from my mom as she tries to get him into our house, has run away from me while I was grilling dinner on the back porch and will try every door in the house to try to get outside until he finally admits that he has been locked in.

The hour or so before his nap and before bedtime are the most challenging.  Being overtired, or even just tired seems to bring out his devilish side.  Any day that we get through those hours with minimal tantrums is a successful day.  With the days being longer, it has been hard to get everyone to bed on time, so we have been trying to come in a little sooner and have a little more decompression time before bed.  When he is ramping up at bedtime, I try to get him to do a quiet activity, like coloring, painting or doing puzzles to calm him down.  It mostly works!

Ryder's favorite words lately have been "fantastic," "amazing," and "perfect."  He is very liberal with his compliments and will tell us that things we are doing are fantastic, which is so cute.  Just when I thought that we were going to get away without a "why" phase, Ryder has been all about asking "Why?" lately.  Sometimes, he accepts my answer right away, but usually there are three why's before he is satisfied.  I have resorted to "Because I said so" when there is just no other further response!

Watching him play with Vivien is very sweet.  Most of the time, he hugs and kisses her and plays semi-nicely.  They do a lot together.  I love it when they sit on the couch together and drink their milk!

Still doesn't mind posing for photos

Still loves to ham it up :)

Loves his firetrucks

Nice smile

So big

Look who couldn't stay away from our photo shoot

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