Thursday, June 30, 2016

18 months!

Vivi has been talking up a storm lately, some of it understandable, some of it less so!  She has been saying a lot of new words this month, plus making lots of other sounds.  She now says Ducky and Tiger when she wants her lovies.  She says "milk" constantly!

She loves playing outside and will get her shoes or her hat to let us know that she's ready to go outside.  She got her first pair of rain boots this month and got soaked splashing in a puddle almost instantly! She loves to dig around in our garden and explore the yard and lately she has been taking off down the street when she thinks she can get away with it, just like Ryder used to do!

She has all of her molars in now, so she can eat things a little more easily.  She still prefers milk to everything else, a habit that we are discouraging!  She eats a lot of different foods, just not too much of any of them.  She has really been enjoying the summer melons though she still isn't interested in berries.

Aside from some hiccups when each of her molars were breaking through, Vivi is an excellent sleeper now.  She goes easily down for her 2 naps (1 to 1.5 hours each) and right on up to bed.  It takes her between 15 and 45 minutes to fall asleep most naps and nights, but she just quietly makes noises to herself for that time.  She mostly sleeps through the night, with just a short cry between 10 and 11pm many nights.  Since there is nothing we can do to console her and going in makes it worse, we just let her fall back to sleep on her own; it usually takes just a few minutes.


She seems like she is always smiling!

Eyelashes for days

Closest to sitting up that we could get in her silly mood

Very silly

She loves getting out toys and by getting out I mean dumping boxes of them out on the floor to see what's there!

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