Tuesday, March 28, 2017

27 months!

Vivi is a talking machine now!  She mostly talks in complete sentences, or at least close to complete sentences.  Aside from the fact that she thinks the only possible answer to the questions "Why?" is "Because," she asks and answers tons of questions now.  She also narrates everything she is doing.  "My booboo hurts."  "I touching my booboo."  And so on and so forth.

Vivi loves to change clothes and shoes.  She will often go upstairs and pull some clothes out of the bottom drawer and come down with a whole new outfit; a summer one!  She loves trying on other people's shoes, mine, Janda's and especially Ryder's.  Even though she loves shoes, she hates socks.  It's a miracle to get socks on her in the morning and an even bigger miracle if they stay on all day.  She is also a bit obsessed with pockets right now.  She highly prefers clothes with pockets, loves sticking her hands in them and will also stick little treasures in them throughout the day.

Vivi also loves to go up to her room and hang out on her armchair with a book.  If she has disappeared from downstairs, I usually find her on her chair with a book in her lap.  Sometimes I can hear her reading the book to herself from down here.  It's so cute!  She has a new favorite book this month: Max the Brave.  We have to read it to her every night and she would read it a few other times throughout the day if it was up to her.  We try to mix it up with other books though, to preserve our sanity.

Even though the weather hasn't been great, Vivi still loves to get outside.  She is always asking to go for a walk or to go rock-climbing or out on the rope swing.  She doesn't always stay out long if the weather is bad, but she loves to get out there.  She doesn't mind in the least getting dirty and muddy.  It's almost impossible to keep her away from the mud puddles!

They take turns lounging on the arm of the couch!

Look at the smile!

Watching TV, wearing Ryder's flipflops

Doing a little jumping

Smiley girl!

Goofing around and sliding off the couch

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