Tuesday, March 14, 2017

47 months!

Ryder is closing in on four at an alarming rate!  All of a sudden he seems so much bigger.  A lot of his 3T clothes seem to be too short; I've begun phasing in his 4T stuff.  That is so much quicker than he has moved up in size in the past- or it least it feels that way!  He also got a haircut, so that instantly makes him look older.

As with all holidays, Ryder was pretty pumped about Valentine's Day.  I put a heart on Valentine's Day on the calendar so he would know when it was coming, and then he put a heart of every day in February!  We made some paper hearts to put on our fireplace and then we strung up some 3D paper hearts and Ryder was thrilled to make them!  On Valentine's Day, we gave them a couple of lollipops, a mini Thomas and some balloons that are self-filling after you hit them and Ryder was over the moon.  It's so fun to watch him be so excited about everything.

We had some snowstorms this past month and Ryder had an absolute blast playing in the snow.  His favorite activity is shoveling.  He shovels the street and says that he is "plowing" it!  When we went sledding, we had to bring the shovel with us.  After a few runs, Ryder wanted to stay at the bottom and shovel the whole field!  We did convince him to do a few more runs after that, which he enjoyed, but clearly shoveling it the best in his eyes!

Ryder's new obsession is dinosaurs!  He has had a set of dinosaurs for almost a year that he would play with occasionally, but now he plays with them constantly.  From his dinosaur figures, he moved onto dinosaur books and finally I convinced him to try watching Dinosaur Train on PBS, and now it's all dinosaur all the time.

Chilling on his bean bag

Thinking about something

A big smile!

He still loves action photos

A sideways smile

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