Friday, July 4, 2008


On Wednesday morning I noticed a little cat on our back porch looking in our back door. Since I am a total cat-person and it's in my genetics (on my dad's side) to feed every cat that comes to my door, I brought this kitty a bowl of food. Now as you may or may not know, I have an 18 pound miniature horse that eats like a fiend. This tiny 5 pound cat easily out-ate my monster cat. She was so tiny and thin that I figured she must be a stray. She was super friendly though, so I wasn't sure. She came back to eat several times that day.

On Thursday morning she was back. We continued to feed her and keep her company. We were worried that she was a lost cat, so Janda checked the ads in the paper and he found one that might fit her. It was for a black and white cat who might be pregnant and who might be found in Gloucester or Rockport. We live pretty close to Rockport, but not that close, so we weren't too hopeful, but Janda left a message anyway. Before we went to the parade last night we fed her again and I christened her Girly-Girl.

This morning she was back. She is just a total sweetheart of a cat and she would eat an army's worth of food and then hang around with me or Janda for a while. Late this morning Janda got a phone call from the people who had placed the ad, Feline Rescue of Cape Ann. Apparently a very pregnant cat had escaped from its foster home on our very street! There was only one problem, this cat was now very thin. So we spent a couple of hours hunting for the kittens. We knew that Girly-Girl had found a dry place to hang out because after every rain storm she would saunter over to our porch completely dry, so that was a good hint. Janda found a broken window that lead into a teeny-tiny crawl space at our neighbor's house and Girly-Girl was very protective of that area, so we are almost sure that her kittens are somewhere in that crawl space, but we can't verify it because it is so small. Girly-Girl might also have an infection of some sort, so now we are feeding her, giving her medicine and hopefully creating some sort of shelter on our back porch that will make her want to bring the kittens to it when they are a little older.

The situation isn't exactly under control, but at least we know what's going on with Girly-Girl. We still can't be sure about her health or the health of any kittens, so please send Girly-Girl and her kittens your best wishes!


sari said...

what a cute kitty! so are you going to have a bunch more cats now? :)

Michelle C said...

No, but we will have some kittens who need homes. Any takers?