Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last weekend

This past weekend was crazy busy for me and Janda. In Gloucester our annual Fiesta took place this past weekend, so there was more than usual to do here in town.

It all started on Thursday with a cookout at our friends place. We walked over, had some good food and conversation and walked back.

Then on Friday our friends had another cookout and then did a little dancing downtown. We walked home in time for the US Olympic Trials for track and field and we got to see local favorite Shalane Flanagan (who ran in my conference in high school) win a very exciting women's 10K.

On Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday. My mom loves crepes, so I made them for dessert. They were so good- I tried a new recipe and they came out better than ever. After my mom's party Janda and I headed down to Hingham. One of Janda's clients was going to be in the same race as Janda on Sunday, so he invited us to stay with his sister in Hingham the night before the race. That was extremely nice of Alex and his sister and it worked out great for us. Alex, his sister and her husband kept us in stitches until it was time for bed.

Sunday was race day so we got up nice and early before 5am and we were all on the road around 6. Alex and Janda rode their bikes down to transition and I hoofed the 2 miles there. Cohassett was obviously very beautiful, but we could barely see it it was so foggy! Practically everyone that Janda and I know who do triathlons was there, so it was a pretty fun race. Janda and all his athletes did really well,so it was a good day all around.

Janda finishing.

Janda on the podium with Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker.

After the race we went back to Alex's sister's house and had a nice BBQ. His sister's house is built practically in the woods and we saw deer, turkeys and rabbits. It was pretty neat until we saw a coyote stalking Alex's dog! Luckily once Alex saw the coyote we all jumped up and scared him off.

After the BBQ we headed for home and then headed out to Fiesta. We watched the Seine boat races and the Greasy Pole. Then we got some carnival food and walked around the Fiesta a little bit before heading home. Later that evening we watched more track until about 1am!

All in all it was one busy weekend and I slept about 12 hours over the course of Monday!

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