Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Trip to Boston

My mom and I took a little trip into Boston today for her birthday (which was really a couple of weeks ago) and did some shopping and sightseeing. Neither of us had been to Fanueil Hall in ages, so we started out there, checked out Downtown Crossing and then had lunch back at Fanueil Hall. After lunch we checked out the work that they did during the Big Dig to the roads between Fanueil Hall and the North End. In addition to generally making the area nicer- which they are still continuing by turning some old mills or factories into another area with shops and restaurants, they also added a bunch of green space. The whole area around Fanueil Hall, Quincy Market and the Aquarium looks really great.

My mom and I at Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market.

One of the green spaces added.

A walkway from the Aquarium/North End that heads back towards North Station.

A close up of the gorgeous tiger lilies.

Looking back at the high rises from the end of the walkway.


amanda russell said...

Isn't it really becoming beautiful?! I work right there and have watched the whole thing transform over the years from tearing down the elevated green line train and I-93, to now. The firm I work for is working on some of the current and future building projects along the Greenway. Despite all the financial issues, it's really a great thing for the city. And the North End & Harbor used to be so cut off from the rest of the city when 93 ran through it. Not anymore! Love it. Glad you got to see & appreciate it.

A big problem at first (when they tore the tracks down) was all the displaced pigeons!! It was almost like that horror movie The Birds for a little while.

Michelle C said...

I had heard about all the green space that would be added over the course of the Big Dig, but this was certainly more beautiful that I had imagined. There were so many people and so many families hanging out there; it's definitely a great addition to North Boston.

Liam O'Connell said...

damn, that looks awesome.

i wish i was there :(