Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Saturday morning was crazy. Janda and I got up before 8 to get started. I cut and sharpened pencils while Janda worked on the sound system some more. Once the pencils were done, I finished sewing my sash and cutting my veil. We loaded the cars up full and headed out a little before 10. I got to the golf club and had a few minutes to myself to look things over before the helpers started arriving.

The rustic ballroom and fireplace

The foyer and bar area

Once we had amassed a few people we got to work. Number 1, figure out where to put the tables. After a few disagreements, we finally settled on a layout and then it was time to set the tables. Our amazing friends and family got out chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, napkins, silverware, glasses and programs in the blink of an eye. We also set up the guestbook table and buffet tables while Meme was cutting up the desserts in the kitchen. After that we set up the bar and hung up the more Christmas lights and paper lanterns, which was a four man job! Janda spent the morning getting the sound system set up and ready to go. We were a little worried about it working right b/c we had just bought it on Thursday!

Arranging tables (Meme and Janda's mom)

Setting tables (Lisa, Mike

Arranging the buffet and bar area (Mom, me, Rob and Janda's mom)

Setting up the sound system (Janda and Kansas)

In the kitchen (Janda's mom, Mike and Meme)

Centering the plate table and menu (Me, Rob and Janda's dad)

Hanging the lanterns (Janda's dad, Rob, Kansas, me and Mike)

All in all, I'd say that the set up went pretty smoothly and the place looked great when we left. Without (uncle) Mike, Janda's parents, my mom and grandmother, Kansas, Lisa and Rob, it would have been impossible to get it all done!

Finished Product (more or less!)

The whole room

To the right of the fireplace (Lisa, me, Janda's dad and Rob)

To the left of the fireplace (Lisa, me, Janda's dad and Rob)

The bar area and the picture wall (Janda's dad and Mike)

A set table

A centerpiece

The head table

The guestbook table

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Anonymous said...

We had a good time setting up and glad that we could help out. Everything looked great!
Mom, Lisa and Meme