Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Wedding

We headed back to the golf club a little after 2:30. Janda was ready to go and I had my hair done but needed to get dressed and put on make-up, etc. I estimated that that would take 15 minutes and then it would be on to photos. Somehow it took a little longer (or maybe we got started later?) and then when I was done Janda had disappeared for a few moments.

Getting ready

We finally got started a little after 3:30 and then to my utter panic, as we were getting ready for the first pictures, the guests started arriving! I was unaware that everyone comes early to a wedding and we had barely started taking pictures, let alone finished setting up! My one and only meltdown of the entire experience came as I realized this! Being a perfectionist I was very upset that everything wasn't perfect when the guests arrived. All of our guests, however, are awesome people and started to pitch in and help! Within about 15 minutes everything was done! Thanks guests!

The wedding party

Me and Emma before the ceremony.

I had scheduled about 30 minutes between the (expected) arrival of the guests and the ceremony so that a) people could find their seats and put their stuff down, b)they could have a drink and a snack (those were the things not ready!!!) and I assumed some people would be running late. I actually loved that half an hour because everyone was up and mingling, just how I had hoped.

Then, came the ceremony. First Janda headed down the aisle.

Then our little flower girl. More apt would be a leaf girl!

Next came Lisa and Corey.

Then Kansas and Emma. My dad and I peaked around the corner for this one! Everyone was oohing as they made their way down the aisle!

Finally my dad and me.

The ceremony was short but very meaningful to us.

Our first walk , hand in hand, as a married couple.

Then onto mingling with guests and a couple of bites of dinner.

Guests to the left:

Guests to the right:

After dinner it was time for the presentation of the wedding party and the first dance.

Wedding party( minus Emma who was napping)

First dance

Then Corey and Lisa gave their speeches. Corey's was hysterical! Lisa's was touching.

In the spotlight

Couldn't stop laughing

Then the rest of the night was dancing, eating dessert, and fun!

My most frequent dance partner, flower girl Fiona

OK, who started the Congo line???

What a great night! Best ever!

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TC said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You looked beautiful and so happy!