Saturday, October 24, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work

There are so many people to thank for their help and support during the whole wedding process.

First of all, thanks to both of our families for being there for us (since birth) and letting us do this our way. Having watched a fair amount of reality wedding shows, I realize that not everyone gets to do it their way!

Thanks to my mom for all the help: shopping, cleaning and advice, etc...

Thanks to Janda's mom for all the help: shopping, finding pictures, advice, etc...

Thanks to our amazing set-up crew: My mom, Janda's mom, Janda's dad, Uncle Mike, Meme, Lisa, Kansas, Rob.

Thanks to my mom, Janda's mom and Meme for contributing desserts to our dessert buffet.

Thanks to Nathaniel for help with the sound system.

Thanks to all of the people who arrived a little early and saw the panic on my face and started to help put out appetizers: Linda, Pam, Mariellen, etc... Plus all of the guys who helped to stock the bar: Peter, Sinan, Kansas, etc... Almost everyone who came in offered to help- we have the best friends and family!

Thanks to Rob for graciously agreeing to MC our laidback event- probably not the easiest event to MC without a typical, specific wedding schedule.

Thanks to Corey and Lisa, the designated speech-givers of the evening. Each speech was special to us and very touching. Corey made us laugh, then Lisa made us cry!

Thanks to the tear-down crew- it happened so fast they were almost done before I changed! Everyone who was left at the end basically helped with something!

Thanks to all of the people who took pictures, especially Sarah and Michael with their professional cameras, thus professional looking photos. If anyone else has digital pictures, I'd LOVE to see them, so if you upload them to a photo site let me know!

Thanks to all of our guests for coming and celebrating the joyous event with us. We were so happy to be surrounded by our friends and family.

I hope that I didn't forget anybody who did anything, but if I did, know that we appreciated every ounce of help that we received and that we couldn't have done it without all of you.

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