Monday, January 21, 2013

Long weekend of ... cleaning

This weekend was a long weekend for me and I spent the vast majority of my 3 days off cleaning and organizing.  I wasn't locked in the house, Janda and I went to a friend's Saturday and Sunday evenings, Emma had a little birthday party on Sunday and Janda and I did a little shopping- mostly house and baby stuff.  Come to think of it, this was a really packed weekend!

I spent 2 days cleaning and reorganzing the kitchen and mudroom.  Then today I got to work on the sunroom which now holds my sewing room, desk and some of Janda's toys.  There is a substantial amount of recycling in our bins, trash in the can and assorted items to be given away.  Not a bad cleanout.

Hopefully now that my sewing space is organized I can start attacking my stash and making baby stuff.   Here's a look at the sewing space:

The dresses hanging on the door can't be finished until I have a waist again, but they are mostly done.  Underneath them is a tote with maybe a third of my stash- mostly wools, linings and heavy fabrics.  On top of the tote is a pile of UnFinished Objects and mending to the left and a pile of knits to the right.  Hanging on the wall are 2 awesome sequin fabrics I got from hanging b/c the sequins get out of place when folded.  On top of the cutting table are my three maternity projects- 1 skirt and 2 pairs of pants.  The 2 three drawer cabinets holding up my sewing table are chock full of fabric- woven cottons, more knits and assorted quilting/craft fabrics.  I tried to count how many cuts of fabric I have and stopped  at halfway-ish and closing in on 50.  I NEED the stash busting sew-along!

Here is a close-up of the sequin fabric hanging on the wall.  I got aqua (big surprise) and there is a dark grey hanging behind it.  Really awesome.  I can't wait to embellish some projects with a bit of these 2 fabrics.

I am planning on using every 50% off coupon that I get from Joann's between now and the baby to get PUL fabric for diaper covers.  And all of my mom's coupons too!  How cute are these monsters and dinosaurs?  This boy is going to be fashionably diapered!

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