Wednesday, December 16, 2015

1 Year!

And just like that Vivien was one year old.  No more counting milestones in months.  My baby is barely even a baby anymore!

Vivien is back to sleeping through the night most nights, but she still wakes up once or twice a week and needs comfort.  We try to let her cry it out at night, but there are limits to how much baby crying I can take without caving.  Since she has been known to cry for an hour straight, those limits are tested often!  She wakes up between 5 and 6 relatively frequently and wants some company.  I am happy to have her come sleep with us until its time to get up but she wants to be attached to me so it's a little tricky.  She falls back to sleep and is ready to get up for the day around 7.

She is a pretty good eater still.  She's really into feeding herself and loves anything that she can grab and shove into her mouth.  Since it's citrus season now, she has been enjoying clementines most days.  She can eat 2 at a time, easily.  She also found out that she likes pasta this month.  Spaghetti and meatballs, which we make all the time because Ryder love it so much, was a huge hit.  She has been drinking a little bit more volume from the bottle, so it's time to get her to drink milk from it instead of just water.  She has been so stubborn about this bottle thing, so it's hard to say how that will go!

She now is strictly crawling on her knees and she is quite quick.  She has really begun to prefer walking along things and it's sometimes hard to get her to sit because she wants to stand up holding something.  Janda and I got her a walking toy for her birthday and she spent the day going back and forth across the living room.  Although she hasn't seemed too interested lately, she did climb about halfway up the stairs one day.

Vivien is making a lot more sounds, sounds that resemble words.  She clearly says mama and dada.  She can copy other words like all done and hi, but I'm not sure if she knows what they mean.  She has been waving for a while now too.

She loves playing and having fun.  She will play with her toys and entertain herself now, although that leads to some disputes over who should be playing with what, as Ryder has definite opinions on that!  She discovered Ryder's play tunnels and really loves them.  Ryder also taught her all about the chalkboard one day and she loves to go stand next to it and make chalk marks or finger marks and she even tries to erase the board.

A big smile

She sat still for only one second!

Reading her new book

She loves the chalkboard

And pushing her new toy

She matches the tunnel!

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