Friday, December 4, 2015

11 months!

Time is flying by and it is hard to believe that Vivien will be a year old soon!

The road back to a full night's sleep after her ear infection has been slow!  She has still been waking up twice a night quite frequently.  Waking up in the morning and realizing that we didn't get out of bed overnight is still a surprise and not a usual occurrence.  Hopefully she gets back there soon and doesn't do this every time she gets sick.  Her naps have been getting better, especially at my mom's, where her crib is more secluded and quiet.

Vivien really prefers finger foods now.  With the exception of baby cereal and yogurt, everything is finger food now.  I've been roasting fruits and vegetables and giving her small bite size pieces, which she chows down!  She has been known to eat an entire sweet potato!  She has started drinking a little bit more from a bottle, emphasis on the little.  When you offer her the water, she sucks down a few thirsty gulps and then is done for a while.  It's an improvement, but not by much.

She has started to crawl on her knees now, instead of strictly the Marine crawl that she had been doing.  Mostly she does it on the carpet where she gets better traction.  She really would like to get up the stairs, but she hasn't gotten past the first step yet.  

No words yet, just sounds, but she likes to mimic people.  If you make a noise, she will try to imitate it and will do so over and over.  She has a couple of top teeth poking through, so pretty soon they will be making their appearance.

She loves to play next to Ryder and to play with whatever he is playing with, which doesn't always go over so well.  In general though, he is very good with her and very concerned about her doing things right.  He will run over and slam the gate in her face if he sees her trying to sneak into the kitchen!  She is also okay playing on her own at this point too.  If she is left in the living room, she crawls all over investigating things and finding things to play with.
Always smiling!

She's getting good at posing too!

She loves her Ducky friend

She sees something interesting

Just standing, no big deal

Crawling over to check something out

Oh yeah, the bottle is fun, just not to drink from!!!

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