Friday, December 4, 2015

32 months!

Two thirds of the year towards three is already done!  Ryder is growing up so quickly!

Ryder has been having a hard time getting going in the morning lately. He sleeps in until 8 on the weekends and I have to get him up at 6:30 on schooldays, so I guess he really does need that extra sleep.  Luckily he goes to my mom's, so I can carry him out the the car in his PJs and then he can eat breakfast over there!

He is still super active, even though we are somewhat cooped up in the house with the early sunsets.  He loves to run around and ride his bike outside whenever we get the chance, but he also loves to do those things inside!  All afternoon and evening it seems like he is jumping.  We have the run and jump, the jump onto the couch and the constant hopping.  Sometimes he just can't contain it!  He is doing very well on his push bike, riding down hills, pushing it up and over rocks, going over ramps and doing endos.  Most of the time when he crashes, which occasionally involves going over the handlebars, he laughs and yells "Endo!"

He has been way into reading lately and sits for longer books now.  He knows a lot of the lines from his favorite books, but only says them on rare occasion.  He knows quite a few more songs now.  The funniest is the "Bus on the driver," otherwise known as the Wheels on the bus.  

Ryder can put on a lot of his own clothes now.  Pants and shoes he has down, socks work out sometimes and the hat gets on, but usually askance a bit!  He also likes to zip up his own PJ's and doesn't need much help to get them going.

Trucks are still Number 1 around here, closely followed by fixing things.  The day that we saw an excavator on a flatbed and a tow truck towing two mail trucks might have been the best day of his life.  He was ecstatic all the way to my mom's!
Semi sitting still

A smile ;)

Not sure about this photo shoot

What a cutie

Sitting up nicely in the purple chair

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