Saturday, July 2, 2016

39 months!

This month has been the month of boundary pushing!  We are definitely in the midst of the terrible threes here.  We were lucky and really missed the terrible twos altogether, but I guess everyone gets it eventually.  The majority of the poor behavior comes just before nap and bedtime still, so it's definitely the product of being overtired mostly.  The biggest meltdowns come before bedtime.  We have had to lock all of the doors in the house to prevent our escape artist from disappearing and once that happens he has been known to try to get upstairs to wake Vivi up.  When he gets really upset like this, even when it is at us because we won't let him do something, he still wants to come over and hug it out with us.

It seems like every day Ryder is saying something that I want to remember but never seem to get written down.  He talks so well now, it is really amazing to me that one year ago he could not make any sentences.  One of my favorites, that he has been saying for a while, is "Watch this trick" or "Look at this trick" and then he'll do something that he thinks we'll find cool and impressive.

Ryder is still a very good eater.  He doesn't eat everything and there are things that he won't even try, but he does eat a wide variety of foods.  It is fresh fruit season now and he loves it.  He would eat a quarter of a watermelon or a pint of strawberries all by himself no problem!  He loves picking strawberries from our garden and he is really interested in all of the other fruits and vegetables that we grow.  So far peas and cilantro have been a hit.

Since February we have been doing "projects" at home- particularly of the baking soda and vinegar variety.  Every so often he will ask to do a "project" and out comes the food coloring and a few other ingredients to make a fun mess.  One time he was doing a "project" and ended up covered from head to toe in purple shaving cream!

About to jump, of course

What a smile!

Most of this shoot was spent focusing on those blueberries!

Sitting still for a second

Of course he's playing with a fire truck or two

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