Sunday, July 24, 2016

19 Months!

This past month has been a lot of fun because we have been on summer vacation for most of it and Vivi is at the cutest stage, I think!  I love 18 months- 2 years.  This stage has been a happy go lucky stage for both Ryder and now Vivi.  It seems like Vivi is smiling and laughing most of the time.  It doesn't take much to get her to break into a huge smile.  She does make other faces now too, which are hysterical.  She has one look that seems like it's supposed to be a "Take me seriously and do what I want" face, but then she cracks up laughing.

She is still an avid milk drinker and a so-so eater.  We have been making sure to stick to the 24 recommended oz of milk and trying to get her to eat more.  What she seems to be liking most nowadays is dinner food.  She loves pasta, pizza, grilled foods.  She also loves snack foods, like cereal and goldfish, but she still only likes melon, bananas and clementines for fruit!  I'm sure that next summer she and Ryder will be fighting over those berries, but this summer, not so much.

Vivi is talking a ton now.  She can say a bunch of body parts, most of the foods that she likes, the names of several different people and various other useful words.  She has been saying "More" a lot lately!  In addition to "Up" now she also says "Carry" when she wants us to hold her.  My favorite word this month is definitely "Pizza"  It is just so darn cute the way she says it and she gets so excited!

Vivi, more so than Ryder if I remember correctly, loves to be held.  Ryder liked to be held during the night, but she loves it during the day.  She is a strong little girl now, so even if I don't want to hold her anymore, I can't really detach her!  She holds on super tight to my arm and really grabs my waist with her legs.  I can let go and she doesn't go anywhere!  It's hysterically adorable and hot during the heatwave!

She loves playing outside.  Sometimes she likes to chill in the shade with her milk but mostly she is getting into everything.  She is practically independent on the playset now.  She loves getting into the garden stuff- she likes to pick things, regardless of whether or not they are ripe!  Vivi has really taken to "swimming" this summer.  She wades right up to her chin in the river and shrugs off our hands when we try to hold them.  She loves to splash and be swished around- she always has a big smile on her face down there.

Her curls look like a halo in this one

Sitting still for a second

A good smile

Ugh she's so big!

Always happy

There's that face

She loves fire trucks too, too bad Ryder doesn't love to share them

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