Monday, July 4, 2016

Fiesta time!

This year Ryder was absolutely thrilled with the Fiesta, the carnival, as he calls it.  We went to go on the rides twice and we went to watch the Seine boats and Greasy Pole twice.  As Ryder and Vivi were both saying "Viva!"

Watching the races from the beach

Splashing around during Daddy's race

Representing Daddy's team

There he is in the back seat

Getting ready for the Greasy Pole

Eating at the Brewery

Eating at the Brewery

Waiting for Daddy's practice to be over so we can go into the carnival

Of course we found a fire truck

Ryder's favorite ride.  After he got down he would get back in line and run up the stairs to go again.

He is ready to go

Second favorite ride was the "horsies"

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