Friday, July 29, 2016

40 Months!

We are still in the terrible three's here, but we have been focusing a lot on listening and following directions and Ryder has been doing a great job.  One of the areas we have been working on is not going in other people's yard and now when Ryder chases a bunny and does not go into someone else's yard he proudly let's us know.  We still have a long way to go, but it's progress.

Ryder loves the water more than ever this year.  He trots right out up to his neck in the river and then yells "I'm so deep!!!"  He lost his footing once and went under for a second and we had to pull him back up, so that has put a little healthy fear into him, but in no way deterred him from going deep!  He does his own version of swimming and floating, which he is very proud of.  He also loves to check out all the sea life down at the river too, as well as building things in the sand.

Ryder helped plant our garden and he loves to harvest too.  He runs in to get our basket whenever he notices anything ripe.  He also loves to yell at Vivi when she picks something green!  He really loves to be out in our yard all the time, whether it's gardening, riding his bike, running over the ramps, walking on the slack line or just playing in the dirt. 

He talks up a storm nowadays!  He talks to anybody about anything and everything.  He has no problem talking to people he doesn't know that well and telling them all about his favorite subjects- fire trucks, fire fighting, trash and recycling, etc...  He especially loves talking on the phone...poor telemarketers!  We usually ignore the home phone, but Ryder runs right over to get it.  

Not totally on board with the photoshoot this month!

Playing with firetrucks

Taking a Curious George break in the middle of the photoshoot

What a cute face

Looking for bunnies to chase

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