Friday, November 23, 2007

Looking Forward: 2007-2008 Season

I've been in track training mode since the middle of October, but my racing season officially begins in 3 weeks at the first BU Mini meet. I had been considering doing the first 2 meets of the season in New England, which are the next 2 weeks, but I'd like to get a little more training in before I jump into a meet. This season I'm going to be focusing on the 400, with a lot of 200 races in there to help me keep up with my speed.

My current PR's are 200 : 26.75 and 400 : 60.05 (AARGH!). Both of those were set in Indoor track, the 200 in 2004 and the 400 in 2005. Indoor track tends to be better for me because I usually take 2 graduate courses in the spring. I can usually make it through indoor training well before things go crazy in the spring. Luckily I'm almost done with my degree and I'll only be taking 1 course this spring.

My goals for this season are:
1. Train consistently all the way through July, when the last outdoor meets happen. I used to be able to do this no problem, but now with teaching, coaching and grad school, it can often be difficult to hit the track and the weightroom.

2. Run a PR or close to it in the 200. I'm not focusing that much of my training specifically on the 200, as I've done in the past, but you still have to be wicked fast in the 200 to run a good 400.

3. Break 59 in the 400. As I just said, in the past I focused my training on the 200 and just ran a few 400's, but this year I have my sights set on the 400. By the end of the season, I'd like to have a PR well under 59 seconds. Just how far below I can get really will depend on the quality of training that I can put in. I'm also trying a Clyde Hart inspired strength focus in my training, while still keeping some of my trademark speed work. Hopefully it will be enough!

To be honest, if I can reach these goals, that might be the end of my sprinting career. I've been doing it for 5 years post-college and I'm ready to move up. I've also got some goals for the 800, mile, 3K, and 5k that I'd like to take a shot at soon. So, this may be my last hurrah for the short events. I guess that it all depends on how the year goes. If I reach my goals, I may want to try for more, or maybe I'll just be ready to move on; we'll see!

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