Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rainy day

Imagine this but on a track.

Today I had a hard track workout that I couldn't switch up because of the things that I have to do the rest of the week. So after school I put on my waterproof jacket, pants and shoes and headed to the track. It had been raining all day, so the track was pretty wet and it was still very rainy and windy, so I zipped up tight and pulled the hood down so tight that only my nose and mouth were sticking out.

20 minute warmup goes well, get everything down, not too cold and not too wet.

Repeat 1, felt good, still fast and still warm. 6 minute recovery.

Repeat 2, starting to feel tight. As I finish repeat 2 I notice that my waterproof pants have given way (these kept me dry at Pumpkinman and Muskoka!) and my legs were definitely wet.

Repeat 3, still tight and hard to run in wet clothes. As I finish repeat 3 I notice that my waterproof shoes are now full of water. It must be water running down my pants into the cloth part of my shoe and capillary action is bringing it right into the protected, dry part of my shoe. Conveniently, the fact that the shoes are waterproof actually prevents the water from getting back out like it would in a normal shoe. Each step is now like stepping in my own little puddle.

Repeat 4, my shoes are so wet that I honestly think that my shoes will fly off at any moment. I have to run slower and very deliberately to keep my shoes on. Worst repeat ever!

Back to the car and all of a sudden it is raining way harder! I'm trying to get my drench outer layer off so that I can get in my car and get dry. As I'm struggling to get off my pants (after my jacket is off), I get drenched on another layer of clothing. I threw all of my wet clothes into my umbrella to protect my car and hopped in the front to throw on my dry clothes. This whole process must have taken 10 minutes and then I headed to the gym to finish my workout.

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AR said...

Those are the fun workouts!!!