Friday, July 20, 2007

Good Harbor Beach

After my run this morning, I settled in to do some work around the apartment. Around 3 Janda and I headed down to the beach where he was going to do an ocean swim. He met up with several fellow swimmers (the usual suspects- Richie, Juile and Beth and also another swimmer Mari) and headed out for a long distance swim. Since I'm not a very good swimmer, I hang out at the beach and chill while they swim.

Good Harbor Beach- The Island
It wasn't a super-sunny day, but it still was nice to hang out at the beach.


Anonymous said...

im pretty sure i havent been to the beach since the last time i went with you, which was at least 2, and possibly more like 4 years ago.
unless you count walking across the beach at bar harbor to get back to the car from the trail. now thats some cooooooold water.
also, cookout at my parents house on july 19th, sunday afternoon!

Michelle C said...

It sounds like you need to get to the beach more!

(PS- Did you mean Aug 19? B/c July 19 was yesterday. ;) )