Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ok, so I didn't really get any presents today, but since I ordered some things online on Monday and received them today it felt like I got some presents.

I ordered some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk yarn from Loop, a yarn store in Philadelphia( I saw the yarn in Boston last week with my mom and found it on sale at this store. I can't say enough about the service that Loop provided. I ordered my yarn on Monday and received notice that same day that they had shipped it. It came today, wrapped in blue tissue paper (inside the package) with a hand-written note. I was so pleased with the service that I'm probably going to order some more for a couple other little projects.

I also ordered a couple of pairs of shorts on Monday, from They also arrived today, all the way from Oregon. The best part is that they have a free shipping deal going on right now, so I just paid for the shorts, which were both on sale. I loved them both- they actually fit, so I'm very pleased.

Now I just have to wait for the aforementioned shoes to come. I ordered the second pair, on the advice of Michelle, so I guess that I'll have to make some room in the closet!


sari said...

im pretty sure they have that same yarn at seed stitch in salem, its like 14$. good store, have you been to it? and now beadworks is across the street from it.

Michelle C said...
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Michelle C said...

It was $14.99 originally at Loop, but it's on sale for $9! I haven't been to the store in Salem, I usually buy yarn via the internet.

sari said...

i went on a yarn crawl once with bertha, it was pretty fun. you should try it too!
do you like the yarn harlot? bertha and i are going to burlington to see her on the 2nd. you should come! but you have to make a reservation because i guess they are expecting lotsa people.