Friday, July 27, 2007

Taste of Cambridge

Last night Janda and I went to the Taste of Cambridge at Technology Park in Cambridge. With a lot of beach traffic leaving Gloucester and slightly confusing roads in Cambridge, it took us a while to get there, but it was worth the wait. The event was planned for last Thursday, but was postponed due to rain. Janda and I were both happy to see sun on the forecast for yesterday and we weren't disappointed as the evening turned out to be gorgeous. The park itself was very nice, with a lot of shade-giving trees and an open common in the middle.

When we got to the park, we were amazed to see how many stations were set up. It was almost overwhelming. There was an abundance of food and drink in every variety imaginable. You could get several types of ethnic foods, as well as many desserts and appetizers. There were also local flavored waters, sodas, beer and wine available. Our ticket allowed us one stop at each vendor, but only about 1/3 of the vendors were keeping track, so we could have gone back for seconds or thirds- not that we had room for that!

The food was all very good and also very pleasing to the eye. Here are a few of the dishes that we sampled:

A taquito with nachos and guacamole from Jose's. A lemon tart with blueberries from Trader Joe's.

A chicken/vegetable nacho from Ole. Asparagus gazpacho and a mango/prosciutto bite from the Grafton Street Pub.

My favorites:

A free-range marinated chicken leg from Redline. A blueberry shortcake from Henrietta's Table.

Janda's favorites:

A braised scallop with a mango salad from Lingo (?). A rich chocolate mousse from Finale.
All in all, I thought that it was a great event. How can you go wrong with so much food? There was a live jazz band playing in the background, plus a bunch of tables set up and plenty of grass to lounge on. I was worried that with Janda's appetite, he wouldn't have enough food, but the portions were generous and there were many places that you could go back to for seconds. As a final seal of approval, Janda and I both agreed that we would go back and do it again.


Michelle C said...
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Mom said...

All the food looks very delicious. Maybe I will join you next year. That is if you want your mother to come. Glad you had a great time.