Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another week gone by!

Well, this week has flown by! I've kept myself busy working on a little carpentry project. Janda's desk is a little cluttered, so I'm making him a bookcase for the desktop to give him more room to store stuff. It's a bit of a surprise- he's knows that I'm making it, but no other details, so no pictures 'til he sees it. It should be ready sometime next week.

I went outlet shopping with the Pink Pirate today and got a few items to add to my catalog of running clothes. I added one red and purple Nike crop top and one pair of black and red Nike Tempo shorts (old style!) to my collection. If I had known how few other things I would find throughout the day, I probably would have bought some purple capri tights, but I guess I can live without them. I also got some work attire, a dress from Banana Republic and some shoes from Easy Spirit. It was a pretty successful day.

One last note: I ordered some sprint spikes from Eastbay a few weeks ago. These spikeswere too big, even though they were a half-size smaller than I usually wear, so I ordered a second pair that were another half-size smaller to see if they would fit. I was skeptical, so I kept the first pair in case and figured I would send back whichever pair fit the least. A customer service rep from Eastbay found out what happened through a customer feedback survey and I received an email from her today that the company is going to refund my shipping costs on the second pair! It's only $6.99, but I was very impressed by the customer service. I didn't ask for the money back, I certainly never expected it, but it was very nice to get that email.

Bottom line: this is another example of great customer service that I've gotten from Eastbay.

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