Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Well, it's the time of summer when I realize that I have to go back to work in less than a month so now I want to cram every last thing that I can into these next few weeks. Now that Janda is back in full-tilt training and racing, the late spring, summer and fall are very busy. After a hard month of training in July, he is getting ready for some important races, so we will be traveling a few times in August and then the fall. So, not only am I trying to cram all of my stuff in, I'm also going to be going to races with Janda.

One thing that I really want to get done is a vest that I have been working on since June. It's taking a while because I am much shorter than the average person and I had to rip out a lot of the vest after it became clear that it was way too big. But, I did finish the front last week and have started on the back. It looks weird right now, more like a halter top than a vest, but I'm sure that the finished product will be great. (fingers crossed!)

Hopefully I will get most of the things that I want to do done before I have to go back to school. Either way, I have a feeling that it will be an exciting month.

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sari said...

its very cute! i like it.