Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Obsession

I was at the track the other day with another sprinter, Sabra (a paraolympic national team member and national record holder in the 100 and 200!) and we had a long conversation about buying running clothes and shoes. There is nothing in the world I like to buy more than running clothes and shoes. Sabra also likes to buy running stuff, but she seems to have it under control. This conversation lead me to look at my running clothes collection. First of all, let me say that I prefer Nike and adidas apparel above all. Say what you want about the companies, they design the best-fitting and best-looking stuff on the whole. I've also been a Nike shoe girl, but recently I stockpiled some awesome Asics that were on mega-sale.

In my inventory, I have 10 pairs of running shorts, 5 pairs of capri tights, 5 pairs of full-length tights, 5 pairs of running pants, 3 crop tops, 14 tank tops, 6 short-sleeved shirts, 10 long-sleeved shirts, 5 half-zip pullovers and 3 fleece vests. Of course, as with all other clothing, I have favorites that get worn more than the others, but in general, I'd say that almost everything is worn regularly during its season. Here are a couple of my favorites from the current season:

A Nike top and shorts- cute and comfortable.

And of course, can't go anywhere without my Asics!

Even though I know that I have enough running stuff, I'm sure that I'll find some more stuff on sale that I just have to buy! So that's my obsession, what's yours?


sari said...

im sure you already knew this, but my obsessions are: pink, sparkly, pink and green, shoes, purses, silver jewelry and im sure there are more, but those are the obvious ones... right now i am lusting after a pair of frye "cavalry" boots.... they only cost $200... thats not so bad, i mean, those manolo blaniks they talk about on sex and the city cost twice that and they are like, sandals.... so obviously these boots are a better deal.
yep. thats what i keep telling myself.

Sabra said...

I am very jealous of all the running clothes you have!!!