Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Week in Training

Finally, a Race Week

3 mile easy run

1.5 mile warmup, drills
1.5 mile cooldown
(Anticipating football season, I tried a different track today. It didn't work out. There were 4 finish lines, none of which seemed right to me. I'll just have to look for odd time to work out during football season.)

3 mile easy run

2.x mile warmup, drills
4x100m strides, nice and easy
.75 mile cooldown

1 mile warmup, drills
1 mile race: 5:49- 2nd place
(Very race rusty- went out way too easy! Picked it up at 800m mark and made sure that no one passed me! Next time, balls to the wall!)
1 mile cooldown

Saturday & Sunday:
(I tweaked my knee after the race, so took the weekend off. My knee felt fine during and after the race, but then I started to have a sharp pain that lasted from Friday night until Saturday night. Sat night I was eating a cookie at the table with my legs crossed and when I turned to look at the TV, my knee cracked. When I stood up a few minutes later, the pain was gone! I guess that my knee wasn't tracking properly and got popped back into place. My knee doesn't feel awesome, but I think that it will be better. It's time to start icing regularly and using the elliptical in place of a couple of runs.)


Liam O'Connell said...

congratulations on second place! i hope your knee feels better.

sarah said...

yay, did good! woohooo!
i just realized that you are writing what you did the past week, as opposed to what you plan to do during the next week. i think.
im going on vacation thursday!
happy back to school! did you get back to school clothes and pens and notebooks and bags? cause thats always the best part of back to school
rose got a my little pony backpack that has a REAL TAIL. and a comb, and a brush, FOR HER BACKPACK. how wacky is that.